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I've been watching this group for a few weeks, so I was thinking that…

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I've been watching this group for a few weeks, so I was thinking that I should probably do some sort of introductory entry!
My name is Stephanie Smida (better known at Steph Smida) and I live in Ocean County, New Jersey. I am currently a student in Drexel University's program at Burlington College (Mt. Laurel and Mt. Holly) double-majoring in Environmental Scieces and Bio-Chemistry. I am a supervisor of an after-school program for elementary school kids through the YMCA and also working retail for a short while (extra cash for school!). I am also very involved in Girl Scouting- I am a Leader of a first and second grade Brownie troop, first aider for events, lifeguard, and coach for the Central/South Jersey girls canoe racing team sponsered by our council. I'm the older of two, "Daddy's Little Girl", and a perpetually doting older-sister to my little brother.
I am "cradle Orthodox"...and I take my life in the Church very seriously. It is who I am and what I do. I've had many very strong believers surrounding me my entire life, including my Dad and my Godfather (a priest), both graduates of St. Vlad's Seminary. My family is definitely Slav, Russian and Polish, and that has also had a huge effect on who I am. I sing soprano with two church choirs, as well as for the Garden State Philharmonic with their performance orchestra.
I love the beach (and lifeguarding on it), surfing, going to the movies, bargain shopping (leading to my collection of handbags and shoes), going "church hopping" with my fellow "Ladies in Black", going out with my brother, being with my Brownies, "digging in" with my team, being bored with my friends, and singing. I work on a few abstract paintings and scupltures in my spare time, and assist on a few graphics projects for my Dad's company.
I am single and have been for about a year and a half (not counting a few dates here and there). I have (finially!) come to the realization that trying to have a relationship with a non-believer is very complicated and has almost always ended in bad feelings (at least for me). Trying to spend time with and relate to someone who doesn't understand or even want to try to understand, gets progressively harder and I am more than ready to spend time with someone who does. (I will spare any readers the continued rantings!)
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to let me know!
Glad to meet you all!
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On February 17th, 2006 07:36 pm (UTC), ioulios commented:
Hello, Steph, and welcome! (Heh, as I post that much here, anyway. ;-)

(Thanks so much for friending me; I just friended you back!)
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On February 18th, 2006 03:05 am (UTC), ocgs153 replied:
Thanks, Julio!
(No worries! I've been finding your posts very amusing as of the last few days, to be perfectly honest...and thank you!)
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