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I haven't been in this folder, nor posted in a long while. Probably…

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I haven't been in this folder, nor posted in a long while. Probably 4 or 5 months. But, revisiting it tonight drew me to writing a post. I don't have anything specific on my mind, except that I wanted to write to encourage all of you in this strange but exciting journey of life and learning that we all share.

As for Orthodoxy, I have not committed myself to the faith, as of the current moment. I only discovered the Church in July of 2004 and still have many unanswered questions and have yet to explore the Roman Church and the Protestant Reformation, which I believe both to be important before making any big decision for any one Church. It's most likely, in large part, due to my age, twenty-four, that I am searching for where I belong.

I had a discussion tonight with a good friend. The discussion moved us up higher towards a place of newness. A higher plane, if you will. What we discussed started with a question, "Is reading the same as thinking?" and went from there. Instead of "shooting the breeze" or speaking "off the cuff" we encourage each other, or more like he mostly encourages me at this point, to go deeper, to speak better, to reach for higher things, in the vane of Socrates and the others who learned with him in the dialogues of Plato. My friend told me that Socrates said in one of his dialogues that the dialectic (this sort of deeper, more serious conversation with direction, questions, answers and thought) is worth more than 10,000 eyes. And I believe he is right. I would agree with Aristotle that this way of life can be painful. This life of learning, of dialogue, of the pursuit of wisdom, is often painful, but the desire for growth and improvement will always accompany pain. I am grateful for my friend and I am grateful for those who have struggled to bring us writers like Plato and Aristotle, and of course the Bible.

Well, I hope my post encourages someone. It's what is on my mind tonight, and I'd like to see this community continue.
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On August 4th, 2006 05:46 am (UTC), alexa_angel commented:
Keep searching, and we'll keep praying that you find your place in the body of Christ. By the way, you have a cute kitty there. :)
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