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Orthodox Christian Singles

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Welcome to Orthodox Christian Singles.

Being single presents with it its own share of advantages and drawbacks. Living as a single person in today's world of comprimised morals (especially concerning sex) is especially difficult when one is trying to live according to the One True Faith.

orthodox_single is a community whose purpose it is to try to connect those of us in the family of faith who share in the struggle of living a life pleasing to God, even if it is - for the time being, at least - a journey being made "alone". (Though it must be reiterated here that God never leaves us, nor forsakes us, no matter how difficult and lonely the road may sometimes seem.)

This community's moderators are djproject and linnapaw. We have opted for membership approval in this community mainly to exclude trolls and others who would join just to cause trouble. We appreciate that the subject of relationships and such can be delicate, and so we hope to provide a place here that is as free from harassment and general meanness as possible. After all, we are brothers and sisters in Christ, and no matter what our condition, we have been charged with the duty of helping each other and raising each other up.

Once you have become a member, you may want to write an introductory post, saying a little something about yourself. Hopefully, as the group expands, it will help foster friendships "in real life" as well. Who knows? If God wills it, perhaps it could even lead to "something more" as well. ;)